Although PowerBASIC is a terrific programming language, it does have a few limitations. For instance, you cannot have more than 64k of data in your program, including literal strings and DATA statements. Although not a problem for most programmers, if you wish to embed the program's data inside the executable, you'll quickly run out of room. Bin2Obj solves the problem by moving internal data into the code segment. Bin2Obj converts strings into OBJ files which can be linked into your program. Then, when your program needs to access the information, it calls a simple string function which returns the embedded data. It's very easy to use and is an elegant solution to the 64k limitation.

What Kind of Data Can Be Embedded?
Each OBJ file created by Bin2Obj can contain any data up to the size of a single string (32750 bytes). You can also create multiple OBJ files, allowing you to embed hundreds of kilobytes of data in your program. (You still can only use available conventional memory to store your code and data, however.) Since PowerBASIC strings can contain any type of data, you can use Bin2Obj to embed string or numeric look-up tables, graphic images, or any other kind of data.

Distribute a Single File
With Bin2Obj, your EXE file can contain all the information needed by your program. Thus, you might be able to remove external data files from your install set, distributing only a single file. And since external data files can cause extra technical support burdens (when the user accidentally erases the data files), Bin2Obj can save you lots of time and money. With external data files, you'll also have to do some extra programming (to properly locate the files), so Bin2Obj can also reduce development time and code size.

It's Cheap!
Bin2Obj only costs $15.00, and you'll never have to pay royalties when you use Bin2Obj in your programs, so it won't break your budget. Invest in a copy today, and you'll never have to worry about the 64k internal data limit.

Source Code Included
Would you like to see how Bin2Obj works? Since the product includes the complete source code, you can!

Free Technical Support
Our staff is available to answer your technical questions via telephone, e-mail, or regular mail.

Our Guarantee
All of our PowerBASIC Add-On products carry an unconditional, 90 day money back guarantee, including shipping charges! No return authorization numbers, no restocking fees, no hard feelings, and, best of all, no risk to you.

Price: $15.00 (plus shipping and handling)
Requires: PowerBASIC (DOS) 3.2 - 3.5

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