Full Power Toolbox Known Bugs

I. Bug Fixes and Enhancements

At the top of each source code file is a copyright notice, followed by a brief description of the purpose of the routines in the Unit. If any modifications (bug fixes or enhancements) have been made to the file since the release of version 3.00 (on May 1, 1995), there will be a section titled "----- Modifications Log -----". Beneath this header will be the date a modification was made, the initials of the programmer who made the change, and a brief description of the bug that was fixed or the enhancement that was made to the code. If no changes have been made to the file since version 3.00, there will be no Modifications Log.

II. Known but Unresolved Problems

In certain circumstances which neither we nor PowerBASIC, Inc. have been able to isolate, PBLIB.EXE will not correctly build the PBL file for the Full Power Toolbox, FPTBX.PBL. When the PBL file is flawed, you will get an error 462 ("Undefined SUB/FUNCTION Reference") when compiling a program, such as FPDEMO.BAS, that links in the PBL file and uses one of the affected routines from the PBL file.

The only workaround of which we are aware is to avoid using the .PBL file and explicitly $LINK the Unit files used by your program.

This problem exists in PowerBASIC 3.00c, 3.10, and 3.20. (We have not tested it under 3.00a or 3.00b, but it probably happens there, too.) The bug was corrected in PowerBASIC 3.50.

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