The BASICally Speaking Source Code Archives

These .ZIP files contain the source code from each issue of BASICally Speaking that had source code listings. (Please be aware that the source code without the accompanying articles may not be very useful to you. A limited supply of back issues is available.)

[1991] [1992] [1993] [1994] [1995] [1996] [1997] [1998] [1999] [2000] [2001]

Oct 1991LIST1-01.ZIP
Nov 1991LIST1-02.ZIP
Dec 1991LIST1-03.ZIP
Jan 1992LIST1-04.ZIP
Feb 1992LIST1-05.ZIP
Mar 1992LIST1-06.ZIP
Apr 1992LIST1-07.ZIP
May 1992LIST1-08.ZIP
Jun 1992LIST1-09.ZIP
Jul 1992LIST1-10.ZIP
Aug 1992LIST1-11.ZIP
Sep 1992LIST1-12.ZIP
Oct 1992LIST2-01.ZIP
Nov 1992LIST2-02.ZIP
Feb 1993LIST2-05.ZIP
Apr 1993LIST2-07.ZIP
Jul 1993LIST2-10.ZIP
Aug 1993LIST2-11.ZIP
Sep 1993LIST2-12.ZIP
Nov 1993LIST3-02.ZIP
Dec 1993LIST3-03.ZIP
Feb 1994LIST3-05.ZIP
Jun 1994LIST3-09.ZIP
Jul 1994LIST3-10.ZIP
Aug 1994LIST3-11.ZIP
Sep 1994LIST3-12.ZIP
Oct 1994LIST4-01.ZIP
Nov 1994LIST4-02.ZIP
Dec 1994LIST4-03.ZIP
Mar 1995LIST4-06.ZIP
Apr 1995LIST4-07.ZIP
May 1995LIST4-08.ZIP
Jun 1995LIST4-09.ZIP
Jul 1995LIST4-10.ZIP
Aug 1995LIST4-11.ZIP
Sep 1995LIST4-12.ZIP
Oct 1995LIST5-01.ZIP
Nov 1995LIST5-02.ZIP
Dec 1995LIST5-03.ZIP
Jan 1996LIST5-04.ZIP
Feb 1996LIST5-05.ZIP
Mar 1996LIST5-06.ZIP
Apr 1996LIST5-07.ZIP
May 1996LIST5-08.ZIP
Jun 1996LIST5-09.ZIP
Jul 1996LIST5-10.ZIP
Aug 1996LIST5-11.ZIP
Sep 1996LIST5-12.ZIP
Oct 1996LIST6-01.ZIP
Nov 1996LIST6-02.ZIP
Dec 1996LIST6-03.ZIP
Jan 1997LIST6-04.ZIP
Feb 1997LIST6-05.ZIP
Mar 1997LIST6-06.ZIP
Apr 1997LIST6-07.ZIP
May 1997LIST6-08.ZIP
Jun 1997LIST6-09.ZIP
Jul 1997LIST6-10.ZIP
Aug 1997LIST6-11.ZIP
Sep 1997LIST6-12.ZIP
Oct 1997LIST7-01.ZIP
Nov 1997LIST7-02.ZIP
Dec 1997LIST7-03.ZIP
Jan 1998LIST7-04.ZIP
Feb 1998LIST7-05.ZIP
Mar 1998LIST7-06.ZIP
Apr 1998LIST7-07.ZIP
May 1998LIST7-08.ZIP
Jun 1998LIST7-09.ZIP
Jul 1998LIST7-10.ZIP
Aug 1998LIST7-11.ZIP
 Michael Mattias' public domain work files example code. [56k]
Sep 1998LIST7-12.ZIP
Oct 1998LIST8-01.ZIP
Nov 1998LIST8-02.ZIP
Dec 1998LIST8-03.ZIP
Jan 1999LIST8-04.ZIP
Feb 1999LIST8-05.ZIP
Mar 1999LIST8-06.ZIP
Apr 1999LIST8-07.ZIP
Includes corrected code from Dec. 1998 issue.
May 1999LIST8-08.ZIP
 Don Dickinson's freeware RAS API toolkit. [29k]
Jun 1999LIST8-09.ZIP
Aug 1999LIST8-11.ZIP
Sep 1999LIST8-12.ZIP
Oct 1999LIST9-01.ZIP
Nov 1999LIST9-02.ZIP
Dec 1999LIST9-03.ZIP
 John Darling's freeware Cross Reference utility. [80k]
(BASICally Speaking was on hiatus during 2000.)
Jan 2001LIST9-04.ZIP [244k.]

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