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Oct 1991 
Nov 1991Interface Design Strategies, News from COMDEX, Programming Tips, Overviews of GraphPak Professional and DW Door 1.1.
Dec 1991 - Mar 1993 
Apr 1993Using PB 3's Internal Variables, Playing the FIELD, PB 3 Perils, New PowerBASIC Maintenance Release.
May 1993 
Jun 1993Using $CODE SEG, PB 3 Perils, The Beginner's Corner (A Quick Sort Routine).
Jul 1993 - Oct 1993 
Nov 1993Multiplex TSRs, Quick Assembler Macro, CompuServe Mail via the Internet, Overview of QuickNet.
Dec 1993 
Jan 1994Using Scope (Variable and Function Scope), PB 3 Perils.
Feb 1994From QuickBASIC to PowerBASIC, PB 3 Perils, What's in an Acronym?, Overviews of the GAP II and DNALIB.
Mar 1994From QuickBASIC to PowerBASIC Part II, Overviews of PbArchitect and ProMath.
Apr 1994From QuickBASIC to PowerBASIC Part III, PowerBASIC Does Windows!, PowerBASIC Is Now on the FidoNet, Overview of FinLib.
May 1994From QuickBASIC to PowerBASIC Part IV, Overviews of The Power Programmer's Utilities and PB/VISION.
Jun 1994Developing a Line Editor Tool, New Version of DNALIB, PB 3 Perils.
Jul 1994Using Highlight Bars, PowerBASIC Developers Kit for Windows Ships, PB 3 Perils, Overviews of PB GUI Toolkit 3.00 and GUI Designer 1.00 and Ace Comparator.
Aug 1994A First Look at the PowerBASIC Developer Kit for Windows, What's a CRC?, An Open Letter from EllTech Development, Inc., PB 3 Perils, Overviews of Network Database Toolbox and The Environment for PowerBASIC.
Sep 1994Enhancing DIR$, PB 3 Perils, PB Wiz Changes Hands, Overviews of GUI Toolkit and RS-232 Library.
Oct 1994The Inline Assembler Part I, PB 3 Perils, PowerBASIC Technical Support Update, Review of the PB Wizard's Library.
Nov 1994 - Dec 1994 
Jan 1995PowerBASIC 3.1 Ships, Reviews of MAXLIB, VoxLib, OCELOT2 - The SQL!, and PCX Toolkit.
Feb 1995Simulating Arrays within TYPEs, The Code Corner, PB 3 Perils, Review of QuickPak Professional for PowerBASIC.
Mar 1995Using EXIT FAR, The Code Corner, PB 3 Perils, Review of GX Text.
Apr 1995Writing Self-Modifying Programs with PowerBASIC, Opening Windows, The Code Corner, Review of GX Effects.
May 1995The Beginner's Corner (Making TYPE Variables PUBLIC; the Differences between SHELL, RUN, EXECUTE, and CHAIN; the $SEGMENT Metastatement), The Code Corner, Review of LISA.
Jun 1995Multi-Key Sorting, The Code Corner, Review of GX Printer.
Jul 1995Database Indexing, The Code Corner, Review of Nice Install.
Aug 1995Accessing the DOS Devices, PB Add-On Info Hits the World Wide Web!, The Code Corner.
Sep 1995How Does PowerBASIC Allocate Memory?, The Code Corner, PB 3 Perils, Review of PowerBASIC 3.2.
Oct 1995Using Video Memory, The Code Corner, Review of BAS-Form Pro.
Nov 1995Using Video Memory Part II, The Code Corner, New Internet E-Mail Addresses.
Dec 1995Fundamentals of Multi-User Programming, PB 3 Perils, Review of BIN2OBJ.
Jan 1996Using Pointers, PB 3 Perils, The Code Corner.
Feb 1996Pointers and Indirection, The Code Corner, The Beginner's Corner (Create Custom Error Codes, the Pitfalls of Using ON ERROR GOTO).
Mar 1996Code Pointers, PB 3 Perils, The Code Corner, PB/DLL Ships!, Reader Survey.
Apr 1996A More Perfect UNION, PB/DLL: A First Look, PB Perils.
May 1996Writing Structured Code, Using UEVENT, Opening Windows.
Jun 1996All About Configuration Files, Opening Windows, The Code Corner.
Jul 1996Debugging PowerBASIC Programs, PB/DLL 1.10 Ships, Opening Windows, PB Perils, The Code Corner.
Aug 1996Double Linked Lists, Opening Windows, The Code Corner.
Sep 1996Optimizing Your Code, Opening Windows, PB Perils, The Code Corner.
Oct 1996Variable Scope, Optimizing Your Code Part II, Opening Windows, PB Perils, The Code Corner.
Nov 1996Function and Procedure Scope, Opening Windows, The Beginner's Corner (Converting Between Signed and Unsigned Variables, the Difference Between Random Access and Binary Files), The Code Corner.
Dec 1996Enforcing License Restrictions, PB Perils, The Code Corner.
Jan 1997Data File Conversions with PowerBASIC, PB/DLL 1.5 Ships, Opening Windows, The Code Corner.
Feb 1997Advanced Keyboard Handling, Opening Windows, PB Perils, The Code Corner.
Mar 1997Changing the Color Palette, Opening Windows.
Apr 1997Custom Colors for VGA Adapters, Sprite Animation, We're Finally on the Web.
May 1997Multi-Key Sorting Revisited, The Code Corner.
Jun 1997The Beginner's Corner (Smart Linking, QuickSort without Recursion, QB vs. PB Logical Tests), A New Way to Stay Up-to-Date, Announcing PB Recorder, Opening Windows, The Code Corner.
Jul 1997More Advanced Keyboard Handling Techniques, New Versions of PB/DLL, The Code Corner
Aug 1997A PowerBASIC ISR Framework, New Windows Compilers Now Shipping, Price Increase, The Inform! BBS Goes Offline, The Code Corner
Sep 1997Creating Resource Files for Use with PB/DLL, Price Increase, The Code Corner, The Beginner's Corner(PowerBASIC's SetOnExit% Function, Binary Mode File Access)
Oct 1997Using Resources within PB/DLL, The Interface, New Version of the PBDK, The Code Corner.
Nov 1997Designing Pull-Down Menus with PB/DLL, PowerBASIC 3.5 for DOS Announced, The Code Corner.
Dec 1997A Close Look at PowerBASIC/DOS 3.5, The Code Corner.
Jan 1998Waste Not, Want Not (using resources efficiently).
Feb 1998Using Virtual Arrays, Caldera's DR DOS.
Mar 1998PowerBASIC Potpourri (Disk Serial Numbers, Maximum String Sizes, the OLE2 String Engine, Error Reporting), The Code Corner.
Apr 1998Writing Time-Slicing Programs with PowerBASIC, The Code Corner.
May 1998Printing Graphics with PB/DLL 5.0, The Code Corner.
Jun 1998A First Look at the PowerBASIC Console Compiler, An Introduction to Multimedia Programming with PB/DLL, The Code Corner.
Jul 1998Program Your Own Random Number Generator, The Full Power Toolbox/Console Compiler Edition Ships.
Aug 1998Working with Workfiles.
Sep 1998Some PB/CC Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks, The Code Corner.
Oct 1998Add Outgoing E-Mail Capabilities to Your 32-bit Windows Applications, Review of Console Tools Pro, The Code Corner.
Nov 1998 - Dec 1998 
Jan 1999Playing the SHELL Game with PB/CC, Product Review: ddoc, We Have Moved!, IMS Refocuses, The Code Corner.
Feb 1999SVGA Programming with the Linear Frame Buffer.
Mar 1999Creating Monte Carlo Simulations with PowerBASIC, PKZIP 2.50 Ships, The Code Corner.
Apr 1999Dynamic Allocation and Linked Lists: Porting from PB/DOS to PB/CC.
May 1999Power-Handling RAS (A Wrapper for Part of the RAS API), Determining the Revision Level of Your PowerBASIC Compiler, Format Changes, The Code Corner.
Jun 1999A First Look at PB/CC 2.0, Product Review: JazzAge ActiveX Factory 2.0 'Client Edition', The Code Corner.
Jul 1999A First Look at PB/DLL 6.0, Product Review: SQL Tools.
Aug 1999Regular Expressions: Do They Live Up to Their Potential?, European Phone Numbers.
Sep 1999An Introduction to the Registry and Its Use.
Oct 1999Data Sharing in 32-bit Windows, The Code Corner.
Nov 1999Are You Looking at Linux?, Product Review: UCalc Fast Math Parser, The Code Corner, The Beginner's Corner (Error 5/Illegal function call).
Dec 1999Using a Cross Reference Tool with PowerBASIC, The Code Corner.
(BASICally Speaking was on hiatus during 2000.)
Jan 2001Merge-Purge Applications in PowerBASIC, Product Review: EZGUI 1.01.

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