The Full Power Toolbox 3.01

Now you can save hundreds of hours of programming time while adding terrific new "user-friendly" features to your programs! The Full Power Toolbox, now in its third major release, allows you to add to your programs powerful data entry routines and other text-mode interface tools, mouse support, a context-sensitive help system, date and time manipulation, and more!

Interface Tools
The Toolbox contains a large assortment of text-mode interface tools, including bar and box (pull-down) menus, pick lists, multiple-pick pick lists, file pick lists, movable pop-up windows, dialog boxes, a file viewer, calendars, and more. You get complete control over shadows, frame styles, window title position, and colors.

Data Entry
From single fields to complete screens, the Toolbox makes it easy to allow your users to enter and edit data. Regular fields, masked fields (for phone numbers, postal codes, etc.), calculator-style fields, and special numeric entry fields are all provided.

Context-Sensitive Help System
Add an online, context-sensitive help system to your programs. Access help by topic number, read the name off the screen, provide an index (pick list) of topics, or redisplay the last topic the user read. Topics can include hypertext links to other help topics, and you can have up to 5000 topics per help file.

Mouse Support
The menus, pick lists, dialog boxes, help system, and file viewer all have mouse-enabled versions, allowing your users to use their mouse to interact with your programs. A complete set of mouse control routines is also provided, allowing you to add mouse support to your entire program, in graphics and text modes.

DOS and BIOS Access Routines
Get the name and path of your program, create a temporary file with a unique name, check the amount of available and total space on a disk drive, check if a parallel printer is ready, get the DOS version, etc.

And Much More
Date and time manipulation tools, string manipulation tools, keyboard handler routines, fancy output and screen handling tools, three programmers utilities, and more! All told, there are more than 175 functions and procedures in the library, plus the utilities.

Source Code Included
Includes the complete, fully-commented Basic and Inline Assembly Language source code at no extra charge.

200+ Page Reference Manual
Serves as a comprehensive reference to the Full Power Toolbox. Includes examples for every public routine, lots of cross references, mini-tutorials, a thorough table of contents, and an index to the function and procedure names. We also include an online help file for use within the PowerBASIC 3.x IDE.

Free Technical Support
Our staff is available to answer your technical questions via telephone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail.

No Assembler Required
The Toolbox only uses PowerBASIC's inline assembler, so you don't need to purchase a separate assembler.

No Royalties
Distribute applications that use the Full Power Toolbox without ever paying any extra fees or royalties.

Our Guarantee
All of our PowerBASIC Add-On products carry an unconditional, 90 day money back guarantee, including shipping charges! No return authorization numbers, no restocking fees, no hassles, no hard feelings, and no risk to you.

Price: $99.95 (plus shipping and handling)
Requires: PowerBASIC (DOS) 3.0 or higher

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