BASICally Speaking

BASICally Speaking was a monthly journal for PowerBASIC programmers, published from October 1991 through December 1999, with a final issue in January 2001. (Former subscribers should contact sales@infoms.com to request a product credit for any unmailed issues remaining in your subscription.)

BASICally Speaking was the only monthly publication devoted to PowerBASIC programmers. Each month we published feature articles, ready-to-use source code, programming tips, PowerBASIC bug reports, reviews of add-on products, news, editorial commentary, and our own off-beat brand of computer- and programming-related humor.

Downloadable Source Code
The source code from each issue is available from our archives page.

Back Issues Are Available
A limited stock of back issues is available for only $2.00 each, including postage. Check out the list of available issues here on our web site.

No Royalties
Use the source code published in BASICally Speaking in your own programs without ever paying any extra fees or royalties.

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